The clay houses of northern Vietnam

16/01/2017 | 13:49 GMT+7

Small huts stand the test of time 



Unique Vietnamese island looks and feels like heaven 

Ha Long Bay from above 

 Houses with clay walls and brick roofs create a perfect picture along a highway in Lang Son Province. Photos: Luu Minh Dan/VnExpress
 The houses belong to the Tay and Nung ethnic groups. They build the walls with clay, of 50 to 70 centimeters thick, and some are still standing strong after several centuries.
 Houses surrounded by stone fences at a village near the Chinese border.
 The houses are built with perfect symmetry. Some houses have as many as 10 windows.
 Some families recently painted their walls with limewash.
 The brick roofs of the houses.
 A man smokes in front of his house in Cao Loc, a border village known as a place where traditional construction techniques have been well preserved.

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